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Please become a part of PARCS history and help us raise vital funds to support our new premises - Diana House and keep a roof over our organisation and our elephant.  Please buy a tile at a suggested price and have it embroidered with a chosen name for future posterity. The embroidered tiles will be proudly displayed in our new premises above our elephant identifying your help and support for our work and ensuring we can maintain our premises and allow our work to continue. We will also be posting fundraising updates via social media.  

Our goal is to raise £20,000 each year to secure and maintain our new premises  

  • PARCS has bought its own premises  in 2018
  • PARCS is funded through statutory contracts, grant funding and fund raising 5% of funds come from fund raising activities which are used to develop  services 
  • PARCS now needs to specifically raise  funds to maintain Diana House   
  • PARCS identified it needed to secure appropriate  accommodation to continue to deliver quality services and meet the continuing growing need  for services for people (children and adults) affected by all forms of domestic and sexual abuse
  • PARCS believes that anyone who has suffered sexual or domestic abuse should have access to free specialist therapy and counselling and a safe space where they can make sense of what has happened to them
  • PARCS also provides other forms of support and advocacy and delivers an awareness and education programme into the local community aimed at challenging the cultures that support sexual and domestic abuse 



  • PARCS delivered 6893 counselling hours adults and children in 2016 and 7334 in 2017
  • 489 hours of emotional telephone support (2017-18)
  • 96 peer led groups (2017-18)
  • 783 young people attended outreach and prevention groups (2017-18)  
  • 100 volunteers were provided with support and training (2017-18)  


The difference PARCS makes

‘I’ve been coming to PARCS for several months now and I am so grateful for the support I receive here. I’ve got a long way to go but I know I’ll get to inner peace. The counsellor is a wonderful listener and very supportive. Thank you to all the staff here and for all you do to help people’. (Adult Survivor)

‘PARCS is amazing. Thank you so much. Every week I feel better for coming here. In that room I can be myself and feel so safe. I don’t feel judged, hated or disbelieved. I feel like I am worth something and I am more than just what happened to me’. (Adult Survivor)

'When our son was sexually assaulted the effect on our family was catastrophic. Our son turned from a happy, funny 9 year old, into an angry, frightened and anxious child. PARCS changed all of that. Our son’s weekly session has helped him, and us, not only come to terms with what happened but also taught us how to move forward with confidence and optimism. Now we see our precious little boy smile again. He laughs, he sleeps and we all thank PARCS from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our boy back’. (Parent of Child Survivor)


To continue our work please donate today and buy a tile. In so doing you are giving an adult or a child hope and a way forward, ensuring they are not left alone to face the trauma from the abuse they have experienced.

Your support will help us to maintain Diana House and to be there for those who need our services when they need them.

For further details on buying a tile, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you