Volunteering with PARCS

PARCS has been working alongside young people (aged 11-24) in the Portsmouth area a delivering sexual abuse prevention programme for over 20 years.

The workshops and creative projects have been informed and designed based upon years of experience, research and the recommendations made by the young people we work with.

The PARCS prevention team draw upon a number of models and approaches including the Bystander Model (Banyard 1997) a whole community/pro-social approach, co-created learning and an empathic relationship. PARCS facilitate creative and bespoke workshops and run a variety of co-produced projects.

The long term aim of our work is to prevent sexual abuse and reduce impact of sexual abuse within the lives of young people in Portsmouth.

We are currently NOT recruiting for this role.


The role:

PARCS are offering this new role to individuals who have an interest in preventing sexual abuse in our communities. This role is varied and works primarily out of the local area - workshops are often held in high schools, colleges, youth clubs and within the University of Portsmouth campus.

This role offers an individual the opportunity to work alongside the PARCS prevention workers, developing and facilitating workshops, consciousness/awareness raising at events and has a particular emphasis on supporting the process of collecting and collating information and feedback to demonstrate impact.



  • Supporting the Outreach team with events
  • Help deliver educational sessions
  • Help PARCS fundraise
  • Create promotional material 


You should be:

  • You will need to be aged 18 years or older
  • If you have used PARCS for support it is our policy that all potential volunteers have not been supported by the service within the past 6 years
  • You will need to commit to the 4 day Assessment Training
  • You will need to commit to ongoing training following the 4 day Assessment
  • You will need an empathic and curious mid, be able to remain calm under pressure and be able to develop respectful and boundaried relationships with young people
  • You will need good listening and general communication skills
  • You will need an ability to work as part of a team (i.e. able to listen to others and to participate in group discussions)
  • You will have an awareness of diversity and how issues such as race, culture, religion and gender may impact on an individual's experience
  • You will need an ability to appropriately question personal attitudes and beliefs
  • you will need a willingness to work within PARCS policies and guidelines
  • You will be able to commit to the role of PARCS Volunteer Prevention Mentor for a 6 month period following completion of shadowing with a 3 month probationary period. 


We offer:

In this role you will receive 10 extensive training modules along with ongoing support and supervision. You will be able to shadow the prevention work and there is potential to develop as a co-facilitator of the prevention programme. You will also be trained in safeguarding and in handling disclosures of abuse. As a PARCS volunteer you will have access to all PARCS in house training.

  • An initial interview following a successful application with an opportunity to meet the PARCS prevention team.
  • A 4 day essential Assessment Training module, which includes training and exploration around issues such as consent, boundaries, rape myths, victim blaming and definitions of abuse.
  • A further 6 day Training module which includes training around group work skills, listening skills, working with trauma and young people, disclosure and safeguarding.
  • An opportunity to work as part of a team of volunteer mentors
  • An opportunity to meet existing staff and volunteers at PARCS
  • An opportunity to work with a model which aims to prevent sexual abuse and interpersonal abuse
  • An opportunity to learn about PARCS work and other services and projects
  • An opportunity to decide whether or not to volunteer with the organisation if selected



The 4 day Assessment Training must be successfully completed by a prospective volunteer mentor hoping to join the PARCS team. All 4 days must be attended.

The Assessment Training is an opportunity for the PARCS prevention team and any prospective volunteer mentor to explore their suitability for the role

The Assessment Training is an intense 4 days, packed with information and resources which can help a prospective volunteer mentor to determine whether they want to continue with their application

The prospective volunteer mentors are invited to keep a reflection journal, practice self-care and begin to explore some of the issues faced by young people who have been sexually abused and/or exploited.

The reflection journals also form part of the assessment.

Feedback will be offered to participants who have not been successful.

Feedback will also be collected and collated throughout the 4 days which will be used to inform further PARCS training.



  • Provided by PARCS 

Reporting to:

  • The outreach and prevention team 


  • 2 Hours a week

How do I apply?

To apply, please download and complete an application form, and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download application form or


Equal opportunities

We are committed to a policy of equality and the elimination of discrimination in all aspects of our work. To ensure that these aims are achieved, we need to record certain personal details about prospective volunteers.

Download equal opportunities form or